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Transfer of Wealth

Over the next 10 years in Nebraska, more than $100 billion will transfer for one generation to the next. In 50 years, that number exceeds $950 billion. This phenomenon has come to be known as the intergenerational transfer of wealth.

In Platte County, over the next 10 years, $1.7 billion will transfer from one generation to the next. In 50 years, that number exceeds $15.6 billion. Due to outmigration, many of those heirs no longer live where the wealth was built and may no longer feel connected to those places.

Once wealth leaves our communities, the opportunity for give-back becomes more unlikely. Retaining even a small portion of that transfer of wealth for philanthropic purposes close to home is a historic opportunity for Columbus and the Platte County area and for people who care deeply about the place they call home.

This wealth may be held in residential and agricultural real estate, securities, retirement accounts, business ownership and other assets. Some of the money will likely be paid as taxes to the federal and state government and even more will go to relatives or charities outside of the country. Imagine if we all designated just 5% of those dollars in a will or estate plan to stay here and support our community.

For generations, most Nebraskans lived their entire lives close to their birthplace. One family might occupy the same property, even the same home, for multiple generations. Platte County wealth passed from generation to generation but stayed in Platte County. Due to out-migration – sometimes to other places in Nebraska, sometimes out of the state – many of the next generations no longer live in Platte County.

If only a small portion of this wealth – just 5% – were given back through charitable gifts and endowed in local funds over the next decade, Platte County would have more than $85 million in permanent “savings accounts” within just 10 years. All of this money could be put to work for community and economic development and to further enhance the quality of life enjoyed today and for generations to come.

Remember: once our wealth leaves the community, it is gone forever. Once our wealth is endowed in our community, it is here forever. Just 5% of your assets endowed helps your community thrive for generations to come!

*Research from The Nebraska Community Foundation “2021 Transfer of Wealth Study.” The study provides insights into the true abundance Nebraska enjoys and the critical need to act now to preserve one of those important resources.


Endowed Funds

When Einstein was asked what the most powerful force in the universe was, he paused for a moment and then quipped “compound interest.” 

In general, “an endowment is a permanent fund whose assets are invested to generate income to be used by the beneficiary nonprofit organization.”  An endowed fund receives charitable donations of money or property with the stipulation that the donation be invested and that the donation principal remains intact. The institution supported by the endowment can spend only the annual earnings of the invested principal and in accordance with the wishes of the donor. This allows for the gift to provide support to the institution for an unlimited number of years. 

Funds donated to the Unrestricted Endowment Account will remain in that fund with investment income generated will be designated by the Fund Advisory Committee for projects within the Columbus area community.

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