Project 1 – Rockin’ for the Residents

Amount Awarded – Up to $500

Second graders from a local elementary school will be invited to Brookestone Acres to learn a dance and then perform it for their residents. The purpose behind this project? The dance class will be for approximately ten students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to be in dance. Along with that, the Brookestone residents will get the chance to watch and be entertained by four practices and a mini-recital.

Project 2 – A Good Night’s Sleep

Amount Awarded – Up to $1,000

This project is to provide air mattresses, sheets, blankets and a pillow to kids in the community who do not have a comfortable bed to sleep on. This group of students realize there are kids in our community who do not get a good night’s sleep, and they want to improve this aspect of their lives.

Project 3 – Cancer Care Packages

Amount Awarded – Up to $500

This project with be all about preparing care packages for patients receiving chemotherapy at the Columbus Cancer Center. The students in the project will prepare canvas totes with the supplies necessary to comfort patients receiving chemotherapy, which includes a handmade positive note.

Project 4 – The Real Cure

Amount Awarded – Up to $200

 A few students of our community have the mission to put a small library in the Columbus Community Hospital. Their plan is to put up two or three shelves so adults and kids have a place to get away and escape in a book while in the hospital. Their ultimate goal? This group would love to create a space with a rug, comfy bean bags, pillows, etc. in collaboration with the hospital.

Project 5 – Twirling Tutus

Amount Awarded – Up to $1,000

This project is a four week summer dance class and recital for kids in kindergarten through third grade that cannot afford dance. The goal of this project is to give both boys and girls a chance to be a part of dance when many would never have the opportunity otherwis



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